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Connect Comms are now an official partner of NEC, this not only increases our product range but it increases the ability to help other businesses with communication.

New Systems

There are two brand new systems that we are now providing to our customers, firstly the SV9100 which is better suited to larger corporations with multiple sites. The second solution is the SL2100 which is more suitable for start up businesses.

NEC_SV9000_phone (2).jpg
Call Center Headset



Connect Comms work with all the major manufactures of VOIP phones which gives us options on supplying the customer the perfect phone that will suit their needs and their business.

Connect Comms Hosted

Connect Comms supply a hosted communications service that provides businesses with an extensive range of fixed and mobile telephony capabilities via an easy-to-use web portal.


From Server Management and Data Encryption to Microsoft 365 support, Data Backup and Equipment Repairs, Connect IT offer solutions to meet your business requirements. 

Modern Office
Computer Office Work



Are you a start-up business looking for WiFi you can rely on? Or are you simply just looking to improve your current connection? Well, we can help! Connect Comms supply a bespoke WiFi solution that's capable of supporting all business sizes.

Connect Comms WiFi

Boost revenue streams by understanding customers’ behaviour. Connect Comms Engage becomes the hub to serve your customer's important information, which then provides you with insightful analytics into the services you provide.



Ask Yourself...

Is your broadband too slow for your business? let Connect Comms upgrade your broadband speeds to help satisfy your requirements, we understand that slow broadband can slow down business progression so we want to give our customers the best quality service

Our Solutions

Take a look at the different broadband and wifi solutions that Connect Comms can provide for your business, by hitting the read more button below we will take you through the steps of choice and how your services will be catered for throughout installation.

Network Hub and Cable
Man Checking his Phone


Improve your chances of not missing out on business with Connect Comms. We recognise that having good signal when using your mobile in business is vital. We would even go as far to say that it could make the difference between gaining that all important deal or even losing it.

At Connect Comms we have extensive knowledge on connectivity throughout the country which means we can advise each customer on what network would be best for you based on your usual daily location and where you might tend to travel during your working week.

We have a range of tariffs to suit your needs, contact us below to enquire about our current offers.

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