Is your broadband too slow for your business? let Connect Comms upgrade your broadband speeds to help satisfy your requirements, we understand that slow broadband can slow down business progression so we want to give our customers the best quality service


Who are Daisy Group?

Formed in 2001, Daisy has grown into the UK’s largest independent provider, with 360,000 indirect and direct customers, c2,100 partners, c4,000 employees, and 30+ locations nationwide.


They provide services to half of the country’s high street retailers and are at the technological heart of the nation’s critical infrastructure.

Take a look to see what broadband speeds you can get in your area with the

Daisy Broadband Checker

Is this something your business requires? If you have a start-up business and are in need of broadband, or even if you're just in of need faster broadband. Make sure to contact our friendly customer service team down below to discuss how we can improve your business!



Boost revenue streams by understanding customers’ behaviour. Daisy Engage becomes the hub to serve your customer's important information, which then provides you with insightful analytics into the services you provide.



Quick and easy self-registration, Collect user information, Welcomes users back, Auto device recognition, Terms & conditions, Web and app re-direct, Social media integration

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A wireless network, which we can also help to design and implement for you. Daisy WiFi Engage can also be overlaid onto existing WiFi networks and is compatible with the majority of leading WiFi vendors.

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