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Improve your chances of not missing out on business with Connect Comms. We recognise that having a good signal when using your mobile in business is vital. We would even go as far to say that it could make the difference between gaining that all important deal or even losing it.


At Connect Comms we have extensive knowledge on connectivity throughout the country which means we can advise each customer on what network would be best for you based on your usual daily location and where you might tend to travel during your working week.

What we can do for you...

Connect Comms can provide all the latest mobile handsets such as the iPhone XS and the Samsung S9, whether you sign up to a contract with us or just want to treat yourself. Please contact us for details and help us find the perfect tariff for you!


Our selected mobile range carries from any of the iPhone fields to Samsung's, we want your business to push past its limits, therefore, we offer the best tariff deals on these phones to help you stay connected in the world. 


Our Partners

Connect Comms have worked along side O2 for a number of years, providing good quality handset deals for businesses.

As a Vodafone partner Connect Comms provide a One Net system for customers which links both desktop and mobile communications.

EE is another one of Connect Comms partners, working tirelessly to provide fantastic business deals to our customers.

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